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Our Mission

At NewEcom.AI, we're driven by a bold mission: to revolutionize your online shopping experience. Our team is at the heart of this transformation, leveraging AI-driven innovations and a strong focus on customer needs to redefine how you shop online.

Our goal is simple—to make your online shopping smarter, faster, and more enjoyable. Whether you're updating your wardrobe, choosing the latest mountain bike, or redecorating your home, NewEcom.AI is here to guide you to the perfect choices with ease and efficiency.

Our Team

Francois Silvain


Fred Levy


At NewEcom.AI , we're thrilled to assemble a team of seasoned leaders driven by a common passion: leveraging technology to revolutionize the online shopping experience.

Our diverse team comprises experts in e-commerce, generative AI, and user experience. They aren't just specialists; they're trailblazers dedicated to creating solutions that enhance the ease and enjoyment of online shopping.

Under the guidance of our experienced leaders, we continuously push the boundaries of online shopping. Committed to staying abreast of industry trends, we strive to deliver exceptional results for our clients, ensuring that each project we undertake is both visionary and impactful.

Our Story

NewEcom.AI was born from a real-world challenge: while working at iconic brands like Havaianas and Coravin, we witnessed firsthand the struggle to maintain profitability on e-commerce platforms despite growing topline sales. As the digital landscape evolved, so did the complexities of online retail. The cost of acquiring customers skyrocketed as competition for online visibility intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic, with costs per click remaining high long after. Coupled with this, the logistics of shipping and returns became increasingly burdensome amidst post-pandemic inflation and the tough competition of Amazon's two-day free shipping.

Recognizing these challenges, we envisioned a solution that could transform the e-commerce experience: NewEcom.AI. Our goal was to harness the power of AI to create a more personalized and frictionless shopping experience that not only meets customer needs but also addresses the economic pressures faced by online retailers. By integrating advanced AI technologies, NewEcom.AI optimizes every aspect of the online shopping process, from merchandising and search to checkout and customer service. This approach not only enhances user experience but also substantially lowers operational costs, paving the way for sustainable profitability in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

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