The future of shopping is conversational.

Discover AI-powered ecommerce tools to drive engagement and profitability.

By combining natural language processing, visual recognition and machine learning, NewEcom.Ai transforms traditional online shopping into a dynamic, interactive experience.

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Conversational Commerce Agent

 Powered by advanced techniques, our AI assistant accurately understands user queries and guides them through the purchase journey naturally.

Frictionless Contextual Discovery

Upgrade your site search with NewEcom.Ai tools, enabling interpretation of full sentences, phrases, and images for efficient product discovery.

Streamlined Product Research

Incorporating machine learning and natural language processing, our tools allow seamless research, comparison, and answering of questions right on the product page.

Personalized Recommendations

NewEcom.Ai leverage natural language, voice, and visual recognition to understand customer needs and intent, delivering hyper-personalized experiences through targeted search results and recommendations.

Enhanced Consumer Insights

Access to customer insights helps you optimize your site and offerings to meet their true desires. These insights also train and improve our models over time.

Easy Setup & Simple Integrations

Adding an AI agent to your site doesn't need to be painful. Integrate with your Shopify, Adobe - Magento or Salesforce Commerce Cloud site in minutes, with no complicated tech setup.

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