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How HairKittyKitty's ShopSmart Empowers Personalization and Confidence.

June 17, 20244 min read

How HairKittyKitty's ShopSmart Empowers Personalization and Confidence.

HairKittyKitty cultivates a vibrant and inclusive community, embracing diversity across all ages and identities.

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Wearing wigs has evolved beyond a mere fashion statement; it has become a powerful tool for self-expression and confidence-building. The global market for wigs and extensions reached a significant valuation of USD 7.7 billion in 2022, with an anticipated to reach USD 15.7 billion in 2032*. 

HairKittyKitty believes that wearing wigs allows us to experiment with different hairstyles and  colors. Whether you're in the mood for long, flowing locks, a chic bob, or vibrant hues, wigs provide the freedom to express your unique style and reinvent yourself effortlessly.

Furthermore, the wig industry has evolved to become more inclusive, catering to a diverse range of ethnicities, hair textures, and preferences. 

With a wide array of options available, everyone can find a wig that aligns with their unique style, contributing to a more inclusive and accepting beauty culture.

However, the large diversity of products and the highly personal and diverse needs of customer preferences poses a challenge; HairKittyKitty recognizes that its customers, often seeking specific colors, textures, or styles, face difficulty finding the perfect wig online. Some may even require features tailored to specific medical conditions. The need for precision in expressing these unique preferences and obtaining detailed information about products is crucial for customer satisfaction.

HairKittyKitty implemented ShopSmart from NewEcom.AI

To overcome these challenges and provide a seamless shopping experience, HairKittyKitty has implemented ShopSmart by NewEcom.AI.

ShopSmart enables customers to receive hyper-personalized recommendations and detailed answers to their specific queries, significantly increasing their confidence in the online wig purchasing process.

Through natural language, HairKittyKitty’s customers directly express their current needs, including contextual cues such as the intended use of the product, conditions/location of use, and especially the expected features. This signals the characteristics of products that are important to them.

The combination of Natural Language and AI recommendations enable customers to receive hyper-personalized recommendations that perfectly match their needs.

Moreover, they get very detailed information about the product that is enriched with contextual information considering the whole context of the query.

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How do you make the permatease look less matted?

To make the permatease on your wig look less matted, you can gently tease it with a wide-tooth comb or a wig pick. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way toward the base to avoid compacting the permatease further. If the permatease is particularly stubborn, you can lightly mist it with a wig conditioner or fabric softener mixed with water and then carefully work through the area with your fingers to soften it before combing. Remember to be gentle to avoid damaging the fibers and always follow the manufacturer's care instructions for the best results.

Heather Hershey, CEO of HairKittyKitty, emphasizes the importance of a bidirectional approach, where customers have greater influence over the quality and personalization of recommendations. ShopSmart aligns with this vision, empowering customers to express their needs precisely and receive tailored recommendations that perfectly match their requirements.

Immediate Benefits of ShopSmart Implementation:

Personalized Recommendations: ShopSmart utilizes Generative AI to understand individual customer queries and preferences. This ensures that the recommendations provided are tailored to the specific needs, skin types, and concerns of each customer, enhancing the overall personalization of beauty product suggestions.

Increased Confidence in Product Selection: Customers can ask questions in natural language, enabling them to receive precise and detailed answers about product suitability, usage, and appropriateness for specific conditions. This leads to increased confidence in the product selection process, as consumers can make informed decisions based on relevant information.

Time Efficiency and Convenience: ShopSmart streamlines the product selection process by providing quick and accurate responses to customer queries. This saves time for the consumer, eliminating the need to sift through extensive product descriptions. The convenience of obtaining instant, relevant information contributes to a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience.

Comprehensive Information Access: Despite the detailed product pages provided by Yonka-Paris, ShopSmart enhances the customer experience by addressing any additional questions or concerns that may not be covered in the product descriptions. This ensures that customers have access to comprehensive information, fostering a deeper understanding of the products they are considering.

By harnessing advanced AI technologies, HairKittyKitty not only addresses the challenges posed by diverse customer preferences and products but also enhances the overall shopping experience.

About HairKittyKitty

HairKittyKitty: Wear comfort meets cute. Since our inception in 2012, we've been revolutionizing the wig and topper industry with our fashion-forward yet alopecia-friendly creations. Our unique approach of co-creating with our customers has cultivated a vibrant and inclusive community, embracing diversity across all ages and identities. As proud allies of the LGBTQA+ community, we're delighted to offer 'big-head friendly' designs, ensuring everyone finds their perfect fit. Join us in celebrating self-expression and affordable style in the exciting world of hair fashion. HairKittyKitty - for every head, every heart, and every style.

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