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How an AI Beauty Expert provides enhanced customer satisfaction through precision and trust.

June 17, 20244 min read

How an AI Beauty Expert provides enhanced customer satisfaction through precision and trust.

For Yon-Ka Paris, beauty is synonymous with physical and mental harmony.


Yon-Ka Paris develops treatments that offer a unique, multi-sensory, and deeply personal experience. Each product is meticulously crafted with natural ingredients to address specific skin types, aging concerns, or dermatological issues.

​Customer satisfaction is paramount at every stage, from formulation and manufacturing to distribution and application. Assisting customers in selecting the right product is a crucial aspect of ensuring future satisfaction.

Yonka-Paris has taken extra steps to create highly detailed product pages online, providing comprehensive information on product characteristics and descriptions. Despite these efforts, it became evident that this was not sufficient to address all the questions a customer may have about a specific product.

Yonka-Paris implemented ShopSmart from NewEcom.AI

Yonka-Paris enables their customers to ask any question in natural language and receive a precise and detailed answer, increasing their confidence in selecting the right product.

ShopSmart harnesses the power of Generative AI and product information to predict the best answer. By processing the natural language query, ShopSmart understands the customer’s request and, more importantly, the context of the question.

ShopSmart identifies the reason why the customer is asking the question or the expected usage. For example, 'I have sensitive and dry skin; is this product adapted?' or 'How should I use this product?' or 'I live in Arizona, and I am looking for an anti-aging cream; is this product appropriate?”.

Then ShopSmart leverages Generative AI combined with the product characteristics and descriptions to provide the best possible answer to the consumer.


I live in Arizona, and I am looking for an anti-aging cream; is this product appropriate?

Based on the information provided about the Yon-Ka Paris Excellence Code Creme, it appears to be a high-quality anti-aging cream that could be suitable for someone living in Arizona. Arizona's climate is generally dry and can involve a lot of sun exposure, which can contribute to skin aging. The Excellence Code Creme is noted for its ability to fortify the moisture barrier and hydrate, which is particularly beneficial in dry climates. The presence of ingredients like shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and various oils suggests that it would provide good hydration to combat dryness. Additionally, ingredients such as co-enzyme Q10 and vitamin E have antioxidant properties to potentially help protect against damage from environmental stressors, which includes sun exposure. However, it's important to mention that this product does not seem to include SPF, which is crucial for daily sun protection, especially in sunny regions like Arizona. When using this product, you should complement it with a sunscreen to protect your skin from

“The integration of ShopSmart reflects Yonka-Paris's commitment to customer satisfaction. By leveraging advanced AI technology, customers receive not only accurate information but also insights into the reasoning behind product recommendations. This transparency contributes to a positive customer experience, building trust and satisfaction with the brand. “  Raphael Faccarello - Head of Ecommerce & Digital

Immediate Benefits of ShopSmart Implementation:

Personalized Recommendations: ShopSmart utilizes Generative AI to understand individual customer queries and preferences. This ensures that the recommendations provided are tailored to the specific needs, skin types, and concerns of each customer, enhancing the overall personalization of beauty product suggestion

Increased Confidence in Product Selection: Customers can ask questions in natural language, enabling them to receive precise and detailed answers about product suitability, usage, and appropriateness for specific conditions. This leads to increased confidence in the product selection process, as consumers can make informed decisions based on relevant information.

Time Efficiency and Convenience: ShopSmart streamlines the product selection process by providing quick and accurate responses to customer queries. This saves time for the consumer, eliminating the need to sift through extensive product descriptions. The convenience of obtaining instant, relevant information contributes to a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience.

Comprehensive Information Access: Despite the detailed product pages provided by Yonka-Paris, ShopSmart enhances the customer experience by addressing any additional questions or concerns that may not be covered in the product descriptions. This ensures that customers have access to comprehensive information, fostering a deeper understanding of the products they are considering.

About Yon-Ka Paris

68 years in beauty expertise leading an international family-owned luxurious French-made professional-grade skincare line. Yon-Ka Paris thrives in developing therapeutic experiences, which strengthen and rebalance vital energy within everyone through effective, phyto-aromatic treatments that align the senses and benefit the whole being. Yon-Ka Paris is recognized world-wide with its signature collection: The Anti-Aging System, consisting of the Defense Range, Corrective Range, and Age Exception Range to treat skin through every stage of life, while other beauty brands cherry-pick skin ailments, the Yon-Ka Paris luxury brand addresses a bevy of skin issues consumers face, with subsequent personalized products: the Specifics Collection, Essentials, Body, Sun, and Men’s skincare lines.

Yon-Ka Paris is a sister-owned Professional Luxurious French Skincare Brand with 6,000 Spa Partners + Training Centers Worldwide.

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